Bagaimana dengan perjalananmu di #FM15Beta ini ? mengingat ini beta version tentu nantinya akan ada update di final version nanti. Pertanyaannya apakah kalian sudah menemukan beberapa kejanggalan yang bisa kita bilang sebuah bug ? Nah. Berikut ada beberapa catatan dari SIGames saat mengeluarkan beta. APakah temuan kalian ada di dalam list ini ? Tapi kalau tidak ada, silahkan taruh di kolom komentar ya 😀


– There are some issues with Mac OS 10.6.8
– We still need to do some further optimisation on the Match and User Interface


User Interface

– This still needs to be ‘polished’ in places
– The watermark will, of course, not be there for release – if you need screenshots without the watermark, please email us


– Poor goalkeeping, particularly at lower levels – sometimes leading to unusually high scores
– Too many poor back-passes leading to goals
– There are too many goals from direct free-kicks
– There are too many own goals, or incorrectly-awarded own goals
– Players occasionally control the ball with their head in unrealistic situations
– Some animations will require further polish – particularly with regards to ‘skating’
– Some skin tones currently appear lighter than intended due to a lighting issue
– The touchline team talk options need some tweaking


– Balancing is ongoing to the AI managers’ transfers and squad building
– Balancing is ongoing to managerial appointments
– Balancing is ongoing to user job interviews and job offers
– Some players become unhappy too quickly (and some are too easy to talk around)
– There are some graphical issues on the conversation history screen
– Users can currently make only one board request per day
– There is missing information on transfer window round-up news in some situations
– AI managers occasionally give contradictory opinions about penalty decisions to the press


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