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FM Lovers,

Insider adalah sejenis newsletter by email khusus bagi kamu yang sudah mendaftarkan email kamu saat pre-order FM15. Nah disini kamu akan diberikan berita terbaru mengenai FM di tambah dengan ada rubrik khusus wawancara dengan para punggawa Sport Interactives.


Beta telah rilis ! yah itulah yang menjadi tajuk utama di Insider edisi kali ini. Pada edisi ke #4. kamu akan menemukan cara download, aktifasi dan instal FM15 jika kamu telah melakukan preorder sebelumnya. dan wawancara khusus dengan Tony Fallows yang bertugas bertanggung jawab di Match Eninge FMmu.

Silahkan menikmati 😀


For those of you that have pre-ordered FM15 from a participating retailer, you are now able play the Beta! As always, all your save games will carry on when you update to the full game on release.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered, you can still do so now and be playing the Beta version straight away. Click to order now.

Instore pre-orders
If you pre-ordered in a participating store, you should have been given a unique code at point of pre-order. This may have been an FM15 branded card where the code would be printed on the reverse, or it may have been printed on your till receipt.

Online pre-orders
If you pre-ordered online, for a boxed copy to be delivered, then you will have been emailed your code.

Digital pre-orders (Steam)
If you pre-ordered from Steam, then your Beta download should automatically start when you launch the game from your Steam library.

Digital pre-orders (non-Steam)
If you pre-ordered a digital download, then your code will have been sent to you via email.

As always, you will need to have downloaded Steam and created an account – if you haven’t done that yet, you can do so here.

Once you’ve launched and logged into Steam, follow these instructions:
1. On the top toolbar, click ‘Games’
2. From the drop down, select ‘Activate a Product on Steam’
3. Follow the instructions to input your code and install the FM15 Beta.

If your Beta code has gone walkabout or you haven’t received it, we recommend speaking to your retailer as a starting point. If they can’t resolve your issue then please contact SEGA customer services at with proof of purchase, and we’ll get you playing as quickly as we can!

Before you dive in and get familiar with the Beta, the last thing we’ll say is that this is not the finished article and certain aspects may well change ahead of full release on November 7th. That said, grab yourself a nosy at our recently captured Match Engine video which gives you a tasty little preview of what to expect in FM15.


For those of you that couldn’t make it to a cinema, or managed to tune in and watch it in any of the 47 countries it was shown on TV outside of the UK – we’re delighted to announce that An Alternative Reality: The Football Manager Documentary, is now available to rent or buy on iTunes, Google Play and Blinkbox.

Click the links to head to your local store to download it now – then reserve the sofa, invite your mates over and get stuck in!
iTunes (97 countries)
Google Play (UK & Ireland)
Blinkbox (UK & Ireland)

We’re looking to add the documentary to other Google Play stores as soon as possible, so please check back on our website for further updates soon.


It’s time for more FM15 feature reveals. If you’re reading this having played the Beta you may have discovered some of these already, if not…enjoy!

Wanted to rest players option in board confidence meeting – Are you board unhappy with a recent defeat? Where applicable, you can now tell them that you needed to rest players because of an important upcoming match.

New Player Preferred Move training – Got a player who can score from 2 yards, but not from 20? You can now train a player to refrain from shooting outside the area.

New team instruction: prevent opposition defender’s short distribution – You can now instruct a player to close down an opposition’s defenders to prevent short distribution.

Consider whether team was in a "group of death" when exiting a competition – Board competition confidence will now take into account if you’re drawn in a group with higher reputation teams.

Team talk option to congratulate players on comeback from 2-0 down – Want to praise your players for coming back from 2-0 down? Now you can in the post-match team talk.

Team talk option to congratulate GK on crucial penalty save/late save – Has your goalkeeper made a crucial save to win you a game? You can now specifically congratulate him in the post-match team talk.

Multi-select players to group train focus/intensity – Save some time by multi-selecting two or more players to set the same training focus/intensity for them.

Total number of passes stat in Post-Match information – Want to check how well your team are passing? You can now see the total "Passes Completed" for each individual player in Match Stats.

Tactics Creator revamp – Taking into account new player roles and team instructions, we have redesigned the Tactics Creator.


For many, testing FM for a job is the dream! Meet Tony, a man you can be jealous of…

Name: Tony Fallows
Role: QA Match Engine Lead
Team supported: Oxford United

1. What is your role at Sports Interactive and what does it involve day-to-day?
I’m in charge of overseeing all testing for the Match Engine. Me and my team investigate all aspects of the way Football Manager replicates 90 minutes of football. From tactical instructions to player roles, team talks to pesky tests of realism. If it doesn’t look like real football then we’re on the case.

2. What’s the best thing about working at Sports Interactive?
Without a doubt it’s being able to influence the direction of a game that I’m passionate about. Before working here I would spend hours with my friends fiercely debating the pros and cons of the latest version of FM and now I get to try and help solve some of those cons.

3. If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to work in a role similar to yours, what would it be?
Have passion and get your foot in the door. Both clichés, but both true. If you are crazy about football and Football manager then that’s a good start. From there try and get involved in whatever way you can. I started off volunteering as an Assistant Researcher providing the data for Oxford United.

4. What are your interests and past times outside of work?
Follow the fortunes of the famous #BearSkyllz 5-a-side team @BearSkyllz

5. What’s the best game tip you can give to someone to do better on Football Manager?
Be patient. Sometimes people give up on their tactics too quickly, or rush to make tweak after tweak. Just like in real life, you sometimes need to give your team time to settle into a philosophy.

That’s all from us for the time being. Until next time…happy managing and enjoy theFM15 Beta!