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Pada edisi kali ini adalah informasi tentang tawaran menarik dari serta wawancara dengan Paul Collyer dari SI, yang bertanggung jawab di bagian AI nya Match Engine. Selamat menikmati.

Football Manager


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This should be an enjoyable read as the co-founder of Sports Interactive, Paul Collyer, is our interviewee this edition. Find out what he does day-to-day, and what advice he has for anyone trying to break into the industry.

Name: Paul Collyer
Role: Head of Match Engine
Team Supported: Everton

1. What is your role at Sports Interactive and what does it involve day-to-day?
I work primarily on the AI side of the match engine, as part of the Match Team but with a keen interest in all the facets of the FM match day experience. I will often spend hours each day just watching matches and trying to eek out improvements from that, as well as reacting to feedback from internal and external testers.

2. What’s the best thing about working at Sports Interactive?
The team around me, and the way we have managed to maintain the relaxed ethos of the studio even as it has expanded since the “good old days” when we were just a few guys in a small office.

3. If you could give one piece of advice to someone looking to work in a role similar to yours, what would it be?
You have to be stubborn in a good way. You must be obsessed with your work, again within the bounds of sensibility. And you must have a passion for your subject matter, in my case football.

4. What are your interests and past times outside of work?
First my family. And obviously real football. After that I love music, good TV and film, good food especially cooking it and also a drink from time to time! And my latest obsession is running and have already two halves and one full marathon to my name within a year and a half of taking it up……

5. What’s the best game tip you can give to someone to do better on Football Manager?
Try to follow your instincts when setting up a team. If you have a decent knowledge of football I’d like to think that approach is rewarded to some degree!

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