Bacaan yang bagus dari Football Manager Analysis, cocok buat FMLovers yang Gooners 😀

Football Manager Analysis

For me this started in the same way that so many theories on football tactics do..with chess. I’m a huge chess fan and I find the differing strategies within the game completely fascinating. When I play I tend to favour a more measured game building slowly and probing my opponents defences across the board as opposed to choosing a single file to focus my attack on. I guess that in this sense I’m more Arsenal than Borussia Dortmund, strange given my preference for heavy metal over the orchestra.

This may seem a strange preamble to the start of an article on tactics within Football Manager 2014 but bear with me. When I’m building an attack in chess there are a variety of tactics within the overarching strategies that I use. They all tend to revolve around a single piece that I choose to build my attack around this piece is…

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