FMT 16.3.0

Pada tanggal 4 Maret 2016, patch terbaru dari FMT sudah rilis, sudah ada yang update ? dengan besaran kurang lebih 1.4 GB (yup, sisakan space yang lega dulu ya di tabletmu) kamu bisa menyicip update database transfer terbaru (winter 2015/2016) dan lainnya. Apakah kamu sudah update ? bagaimana kesanmu ?

Updates include but are not limited to the following:


  • Updated ‘Winter Transfer Window’ database included


  • Fixed rare example of save game failing to load
  • Fixed rare crash accessing in-match Tactics screen
  • Fixed rare crash with Dutch league play-off match
  • Fixed rare crash with Belgian European Play-off match
  • Fixed rare crash with Italian Serie C playoff match


  • Stop keepers punching the ball when making a save from a penalty
  • Prevent a player from taking a throw in from behind the goal line
  • Give more time at the end of the match when a team wins a competition
  • Fixed missing commentary for competition win at the end of a shootout
  • Fixed throw in issue which caused dead time


  • Fixed ‘Potential’ and ‘Ability’ filters showing incorrect players on Scouting page
  • Fixed dragging issue on some Samsung tablets
  • Fixed incorrect instruction on Set Piece Takers screen
  • Prevented job adverts for coaches and physios for national teams
  • Fixed use of Match Analysis time bar during a match
  • Fixed code showing in calendar when using Greek language


  • Fixed Belgian Pro League fixtures not being scheduled in second season
  • Fixed user being able to take control of Reserve teams
  • Removed age restrictions from Swiss Reserve Teams
  • Ensured Austrian Premier Divisions enter into Reserve Competitions


  • Fixed issue where some nations would start qualifying campaigns without a manager in place
  • Improved manager hirings in leagues that have been activated via the editor
  • Improved the retention of goalkeepers by the AI throughout different squads
  • Improved AI transfer & contract negotiations


  • Improved long term board confidence to update club expectations


  • Fixed issue where Design a Son could be applied when cancelling